ICAROS is a revolutionary entertainment- and sports tool, providing the experience of absolute free flight within virtual reality. After applying the virtual reality glasses, we find ourselves in a bodily and spiritually inspiring space, where we can gain points by completing various tasks. The machine is operated solely by balancing our bodyweight. Every muscle starts to move, a true virtual training experience! The programs’ and ICARUS’s difficulty levels are both adjustable to ensure easy success for beginners, while providing continuous development for more experienced pilots as well.

Its rehabilitation method (both medical- and sports wise): The currently most common and known traditional improvement- and strengthening techniques within the realm of physiotherapy, therapy-exercise and movement management are often prove to be insufficient to simultaneously prepare an entire complex motor- and nervous system on a higher level. The ICAROS machine provides us an opportunity for an interconnected simultaneous development of the vestibularis system, eye-movement control, nerve-muscle connections, dynamic and static muscles. Lack of training or movement due to the injury of the lower limb is a huge deficit for the muscle-tissue and motor-system. ICAROS may provide the highest level muscle-strengthening and coordination development under these circumstances as well. The position (plank) alone is demanding for the torso muscles next to the spine and the muscles on the front-side of the torso, thus maintaining the muscular system’s activity.

Its fitness method: Aside from conventional training-equipment, this technique provides intense training for hand-eye control, equilibrium and coordination, muscle-nerve connection, all of them simultaneously. According to past experiences, a daily 20-minute training is enough for muscle-development.

Its entertainment method: The difficulty is adjustable in ICAROS, thus beginners also get the chance to experience free flight with ease. There is a possibility in the games for keeping scores; even a championship can be organized. Those guests not inside the game can follow the events on an external screen.

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