VRrehab started in order to provide a much higher quality, elevated level of care within the physical (neuromuscularis) development, bypassing any currently available treatments. The machine enables the movement of muscles defining the stability of the torso and the body. The days of weak, aching muscles or feeble torso are over. For those seeking a serious, effective and modern tool for their healing and rehabilitation, VRrehabilitation is the absolute method!

Short backstory

The idea was basically conceived with the tryout of a pair of VR glasses, leading up to the discovery of the ICAROS machine. Countless videos show what tremendous effect the virtual reality-experience has on the human body. The images received through programs and “films” start up the entire body, the nervous- and muscular systems go online as if they were in real-life situations. The body can receive automatic programming and development without being forced to repeat boring exercises. Moreover, the reaction to the images captured by the eye integrates much better than in the case of the sole movement of the body (e.g. weights).

After getting to know the VR programs and the machine, it was a small step to realize its tremendous rehabilitation and healing potentials. The ICAROS machine is a giant leap in fitness and patient treatment as well; the technology is in the service of human development!

VRrehab is a revolutionary method in the physiotherapy
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