Our company undertakes the full installation and maintenance of the ICAROS machine for events.
The machine provides a new experience both for the lovers of flight and fans of the virtual space. We especially recommend it for innovative and high-quality appearances and promotions. The machine’s- and the games’ difficulty is adjustable, thus the games can be enjoyed by beginner pilots as well.

There is a possibility in the games for keeping scores, so even a championship can be organized. Those guests not inside the game will not be bored either; they can follow the events on an external screen.

The machine can be branded, ads may be placed on:

  • The ICAROS machine
  • The virtual glasses
  • The external projection in the game (512x512 pixels)
  • The staff’s clothing
  • The area of the machine (carpet, roll-up, banner…)
By demand, a personally customized software can be developed.

Minimum space requirements: 1,5 x 2,5 meter
Player’s minimum height: 140 cm
Player’s maximum height: 200 cm
Player’s weight limit: 110 kg

If you would like to buy your own ICAROS, you may do so at our company.

Details, call for proposal:

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